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Honoree, Psychologist Category, Best of Newport Beach Awards (2021);

Named Best Psychologist in Newport Beach, CA (2020)

Creative Works:

Contributor, ‘An Introduction to Human Operations Psychotherapy,’ Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, MD (2017); Presenter, ‘Minoan Women as Models of Proactive Resilience,’ Creativity and Madness: American Institute of Medical Education, Santa Fe, NM (2016); Author, ‘The Aloha Spirit Infuses California Too,’ Daily Pilot (2016); Author, ‘Commentary: Students Are Ultimately Responsible for Their Own Performance,’ Daily Pilot (2015); Author, ‘Commentary: Having Character Doesn’t Mean Being Boring and Rigid,’ Daily Pilot (2015); Author, ‘Commentary: Now That I’ve Got Your Attention, Listen Up,’ Daily Pilot (2015); Presenter, ‘The Theory of Human Operations & Its Relation to Cognitive-behavioral Psychotherapy,’ International Congress of Cognitive Psychotherapy, Hong Kong (2014); Presenter, ‘Is the Mind Subject to Causality? A Chaos-based Answer,’ Conference, Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences, Chapman University, Orange, CA (2011); Presenter, ‘Heroes in the Workplace: Drawing on Archetypes,’ Meeting, Society for the Advancement of Management, Orange County, CA (2007); Presenter, ‘Splendidly Sane: What Can We Learn from the Ancient Minoans, Forerunners of the Classical Greeks?,’ 26th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Athens, Greece (2006); Presenter, ‘The Hawaiian-Minoan Connection: Towards a Positive Prototype Culture,’ Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities, Oahu, Hawaii (2006); Author, ‘An Operations Model of Psychosocial Structure and Function and of Psychotherapy,’ Genetic, Social and General Psychology Monographs (2000); Presenter, ‘Ego-syntonic Goal-setting: A Method for Counseling Resistant Clients,’ Western Psychological Association, Irvine, CA (1999); Presenter, ‘Excursions into Valhalla: Adolescent Forensic Counseling,’ International Association of Applied Psychology, San Francisco, CA (1998); Presenter, ‘Prometheus Unbound: A Psychological/Economic Model for the Youth Justice System,’ Forensic Mental Health Association of California, Asilomar, CA (1998); Presenter, ‘Deep structure: A New Analysis of the Foundation of Psychological Theories,’ American Psychological Association, San Diego, CA (1997); Author, ‘Group Excellence: The Application of Japanese Management Techniques to Mental Health Centers,’ Journal of Mental Health Administration (1986); Author, ‘An Operations Model of the Mind’

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